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A collection of thoughts...


I saw once a cat and a boy

they were resting on steps emblazoned with color,

their eyes both gleamed with a regal wonder.

just by being, they created delight

but I bet





Istanbul, September 2023

Reflection of man in canoe reaching down to touch water

a fragmented likeness

your reflection rippled to pieces

shallow disturbances provoked 

by your surroundings


I wonder

if that is all you see



you sit

I wonder

and gaze with intent

allowing waves to 



if you breathe

and sit


very still 

I wonder

will you begin to notice


Caddo Lake State Park, July 2023

Abandoned building on the side of the road

We are only here for such a very short time

so let me flood my eyeballs with

this day

this breeze

this light

the extraordinary moments of an ordinary day

existing as the universe 

experiencing itself with wonder

Somewhere between Dallas and Amarillo, April 2023

Silhouette of trees gently holding the moon

We could all just breathe

cast aside the never-ending news cycle

and need to know all things

the idea of perfection

and shame of mistakes

We could all just breathe

and be

imperfectly beautiful

and content within ourselves

happy to exist on this glowing planet

with sunrises and sunsets

and thunderstorms 

and clouds

with birds soaring overhead

and lush grass beneath our feet.

We could all just breathe.

Arlington, TX, January 2022

Red-winged blackbird perched on tall grass

I saw once my reflection

in the eyes of a bird

as I pondered the meaning of life

he sings

so loud

so boisterous

so true

with every sunrise and sunset he sees

I wonder if he ponders too

when he sees his reflection in me?

Hagerman National Wildlife Refuge May 2023

Shadow of photographer in art piece at museum

I fell into an art piece one day

and saw my fragmented imperfect self beautifully existing amongst a projection of delightful scribbles and smudges

and so

 such is life.

Istanbul Modern, September 2023

Beautiful wildflowers with yellow butterfly flying

all that is needed 

are wings of gossamer 

spun by the tiny threads 

of our dreams

Hagerman Wildlife Refuge, May 2023

Beautiful orange and yellow wildflowers

Perhaps nature

tethered as she is to herself

absorbs magic more easily

ancient energy 



through roots

and stem

and leaves


and swaying

beckoning you

to touch

to feel

to receive




perhaps you

grounded in


will embrace the dance

White Rock Lake, May 2023


I thirst for my being

greedily gulping in clouds and skies and trees

calling back to myself

the pieces

that have



Caddo Lake State Park, July 2023

Reflection of NY building in a puddle

We sit in the middle

between our past and our future.

Living our lives in memories and dreams.

Existing as an ethereal reality within our minds,

delicate and fading,

attempting to decipher meaning

behind the images

and scenes

that float

beyond the haze.

New York Puddle, December 2021

Reflections from an airport floor of people walking
Reflections from an airport floor of people walking
Reflections from an airport floor of people walking
Reflections from an airport floor of people walking
Reflections from an airport floor of people walking

The creative muse 

does the work of dreams

forcing us into our subconscious mind

demanding we discover our deeper selves

She cares not for how others perceive your work

or if you will find success

She only cares that you fine tune your soul

and learn to trust her process

Lose yourself in the projects she presents

and find who you were meant to be

LAS, Harry Reed Intl Airport Floor January 2022

Street scene from New York with long exposure

Art is manifestation of the spirit

and there are no regulations on how the soul should present itself.

Mine is currently presenting as delicately woven intricacies of imperfection.

I'm quite happy with that.

New York, December 2021

Reflection of deep green trees in a pond

What dreams are these 

of peaceful walks

Hands gently entwined

as a melody of tranquil birdsong trembles through the branches.

The rustling of leaves underfoot

as we slow our steps

to listen

and absorb

this moment of magic.

Fort Worth Botanic Gardens, April 2022

New York City covered in fog

The fog wrapped its arms around the city


Covering flaws

Embracing humanity

Elevating them into the clouds.


Yet, they didn't know

because they couldn't see.

New York City, December 2021

Shadows of three people walking away

Long afternoon


lingering past

the moment

Stretching back

as if to stop time

holding on

to those we've met

along the way

a little longer

a little longer

SoHo, December 2021

Reflection of Dallas in a pond

I am drawn by the symmetrically 

balanced harmony of opposing realms

The peaceful unity of this and that

A merging of worlds

inherently different

Intrinsically the same

existing as one

until the wind blows.

until the wind stops.

just as I.

Trammel Crow Park, Dallas, November 2022

Man's arm outstretched with food to feed bird flying

He calls birds gently 

down from the sky

allured by languages never known

every sense awakened 

to perceptions before unnoticed;

a rustling in the leaves,

a flutter of wings,

the wispy, ethereal chirps of a bunting

or the mechanical cacophony of grackles

stopping to listen

to wait

to see 

the magic this man has brought me.

I float happily into his enchantment

just like the birds

he calls gently down from the sky

Galveston, May 2022

Man walking in NY while pigeons fly out of his way

Birds of Broadway


You can almost hear their wings

That sudden flutter

 A moment of panic

Turning quickly to laughter 

Eye contact with strangers

Excitement in the mundane.

God, I love moments like that.

City Hall Park, NY, December 2021

Bright yellow shoes under streetlight on dark night

I had a dream last night

Throngs of people 

Some I've known

Some I haven't

walking with an urgent purpose in a well-lit, sparse, circular hallway.

All proceeding in the same direction

This assumed purpose was not evident, however.

That didn't matter.

We were smiling

We were happy

We walked enthusiastically

to a destination unknown

We knocked on the walls so that we would be heard.

Each one encouraged by the actions of another

Some people stayed in one place

watching the procession of our parade.

With every lap completed, they compulsively adorned the walls with a new flower

Making the hallway more beautiful with each turn.

And that was the dream.

And maybe that is the purpose

This life, right now, can feel so monotonous

Stuck in this endless cycle

But maybe, with every new day, we can add some flowers to our walls.

Beautifying our little spot in the world

We can smile to faces along the way.

We can take each step with mindful cheerfulness

though the journey's end is not easily known. 

We can knock on walls and make our voices heard

generating energy to help others along the way. 




that is the purpose.

New York, December 2021

Reflection of tree in puddle

Sometimes my mind will obsessively ruminate

over the million and one ways

I have assuredly or allegedly fallen short in a day.

Those days are hard.

And sometimes my mind will be gentle with flaws,

allowing room to be imperfect

staying far from assumptions 

and applying wisdom to mistakes.

Those days are nice.

And sometimes I realize that neither mindset is fixed,

that life is fluid and change is constant,

living for the moment that is, not what is past or yet to be.

Those days are best.

Hagerman Wildlife Refuge, September 2022

Tiny plant growing out of dried mud

And perhaps sometimes

we become very small and tiny

Holding our breath as we hug into ourselves



Until we find the strength 

to slowly reach a bare foot down to the ground

absorbing energy from the earth

lifting our eyes skyward

expanding our lungs

we grow again

and again

and again

Galveston, May 2022

Shadow walking off stage left

Shadow exits stage left

Levitt Pavilion, Arlington, June 2022

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