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A collection of visual stories

shadowed self


an ethereal absence of light

creating stories out of nothing...

...or everything

fleeting scenes

i'm collecting fleeting scenes

through a car window

absorbing each moment

creating stories i'll never hear

from lives i'll never know

this world so big 

and the people so many

...and yet

our paths did cross

through windows underground:

tiny fleeting glimpses of passing human stories

the movement. energy. fleeting glances from strangers you will only ever see that one time your paths crossed in an underground tunnel. each of us living out our own human stories. complete lives with love, hate, kindness, compassion, jealousy, insecurity, strength, and all the many emotions and traits that reside in each of us. those feelings that make our entire world and can feel so overwhelming

...but are just a glimpse and a moment

in the eyes of a stranger.

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