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A collection of stories 

An Absence of Light

The sun reaches down in a playful mood, painting wispy, ethereal shadows across her realm. Smoky forms lingering past the moment languidly, as if they wanted to stop time. A dreamy yearning for what was or will be.

Other times the sun, in her exuberance, shines brightly on her muse, generating a bold contrast that seems to command us to take notice. Silhouettes proudly declaring their presence. They are here! They are now! Be with them in the moment.

A diverging effect from the filtering of light depending on our mood or disposition. A chance to reflect on our ever-evolving balancing act of perspective and how the absence of light can create stories out of nothing...and everything.

The Stranger

For a brief moment, we were connected. The vastness of your life story billowing up behind you, as your future is still neatly folded, waiting to be revealed. In a world of billions of people, our lives were interwoven at this one juncture in time,

when you looked at me,

and I looked at you.

I can't help but wonder at those stories still yet unfolding. I wonder if you could possibly know there is a stranger out in the world who thinks of you from time to time, and sends positive energy your way; a little spark of good cheer zipping through time and space until it finds you, completely immersing itself into your being with warmth and energy, maybe even causing a smile to play upon your face and contentment to ease your soul.

I wonder if any of us can ever know the impact we make on others as our stories weave in and out through the tapestry of humanity.

I wonder if we could try. 

Tiny Large Things

I like the feeling these photos give,

a grotesque masquerade 

of tiny large things

charading by stance

our significant insignificance


insignificant significance

either way

we are here 

each a little prince

of our own circumstance

The Jump

floating in a world of my fancy

arranging things how I like them




however you get there

you do you

Day Breaks in Kadıköy

street dogs ramble about

ready to stake their claim

plopping down in front of their favorite shop door

mascot and guard in one

a man paces at the corner on his phone

Turkish tumbling through the air

reaching intended ears

and others

tourists hurry by, heads down

checking phones for directions

or comfort

dragging heavy luggage across uneven cobblestones

adding a rhythm of thumps to the symphony of the city

an old man sets up shop on the side of the road

ready to shine the shoes of Kadıköy

a younger man walks up, maybe his son,

he sits down and places his grubby converse on the perch

the old man ignores him, engrossed in his newspaper

a practice in patience

motors whirling, vespas honking


children playing

a stray dog begs at the coffee stand across the street

no luck

he comes my way but I only have coffee

I give him a pet and wish him good fortune

iyi köpek

the wind suddenly blows napkins like confetti

celebrating the morning

I quickly steady my coffee cup

treasures must be protected

two men stand in a doorway to my left; smoking

one finishes, walks to a table

crushes the butt in an ashtray then quickly lights another

he sits

inhaling his strength

throngs wander by at various speeds and dispositions

becoming anonymous in this city is easy

a gift to be savored

a man in a wheelchair and a woman with a cane cross paths

each finding it difficult to make their way

each finding a way regardless

 there is a stray dog barking,

defending his territory against an intruder

- a police car driving up the sidewalk

eventually, reluctantly, the guard of Kadıköy grants them passage

a woman covered head to toe walks lovingly with a man in a t-shirt

two men walk by

arm in arm

love or friendship

maybe both

the day preps

we will all venture forth 

each of us to different lives

different motives

different outcomes

and yet

we were all here

on this corner

on this day

on this morning

as day breaks 

in Kadıköy

You Will Be Found

I found myself once, emerging. Not only from the isolation of the pandemic, but also from my own fears and insecurities. As I slowly began the process of stepping forward, there remained a lingering unease and trepidation about gathering with others. I ventured into public cautiously. Slowly. Perhaps even separated and alone. I longed to be near others but held back. Unsure and concerned. Nevertheless, my spirit forced me on knowing that life is intended to be shared and experienced with others. I took comfort in knowing that each step of this somewhat difficult journey is necessary and I believed that by continuing on, I would be found. Found by new faces, new smiles, new friends, new experiences. As each step brought me closer to this realization, my heart began to warm, my smile began to grow and my fear subsided, slowly morphing into exuberant delight as I embraced the beauty of life again. 

We will be found.

Fleeting Scenes

i'm collecting fleeting scenes

through a car window

absorbing each moment

creating stories i'll never hear

from lives i'll never know

this world so big 

and the people so many

...and yet

our paths did cross

through windows underground:
tiny fleeting glimpses of passing human stories

the movement. energy. fleeting glances from strangers you will only ever see that one time your paths crossed in an underground tunnel. each of us living out our own human stories. complete lives with love, hate, kindness, compassion, jealousy, insecurity, strength, and all the many emotions and traits that reside in each of us. those feelings that make our entire world and can feel so overwhelming

...but are just a glimpse and a moment

in the eyes of a stranger.

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